I3P Polydur macro
Synthetic fibers
for concrete

concrete reinforcement solution

I3Polydure improved mechanical and chemical properties

  • Resistance to extreme alkaline environment
  • Eliminate stray current corrosion
  • Better anchorage: I3Polydure provides larger contact surface with concrete
  • Tensile strength up to 650 Megapascal
  • A Young’s modulus up to 9 Gigapascal

Improvement in Concrete With Macro Synthetic fibers

Concrete flexural strength improvement percentage


    I3Polydure improved mechanical and chemical properties

    • Ductility, toughness, strength
    • Resistance to fatigue and impact
    • Freeze-thaw resistance
    • Fire spalling resistance
    • And Handling and safety

    I3PolyDur Advantages

    • lower labor costs
    • fewer construction days
    • Enhances safety by eliminating handling of steel fibers, welded wire fabrics or light rebar 
    • Eliminates concerns of proper positioning of reinforcement
    • Superior crack control due to the geometry and elastic modulus, corrosion resistant properties (non-ferric)
    • Controls plastic and long-term drying shrinkage cracks

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